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Hi there and welcome to One 27 Global! We cultivate a movement to transform communities! Join us at the table!

For us, true community is that place of belonging; the place people are drawn to, and can’t resist being part of.  A community deeply rooted in happiness resulting from transformed lives.  Community for us is what happens when we encounter deep relationships and connectivity, and when these encounters lead us in our everyday life.


We envision a community where every person matters and is valuable, and where we all, young and old, rich and poor, take responsibility to give and receive as needed.

Our Goals.

Human Face

Knowing people as individuals.

We break down the boundaries that keep us from knowing each other, by fostering awareness, respect and understanding, and by encouraging mutual investment and tolerance.

Integrated Solutions

Collaboration in action.

We create space for conversations that inspire collaboration across organizations, individuals and community members, leading to holistic approaches to increase social capital.

Identifying with Lowell

A common denominator.

We believe that Lowell itself is the common denominator in cultivating and transforming our community.  We nurture and encourage this bond of belonging for all of Lowell.

Recent Projects.


The Lowell Food and Wine Festival is  a premier event building community and connecting people in their community.


The Gala is our take on putting on a nighttime event. Instead of boring speeches and keynote speakers, we're hosting a fun and interactive evening.


Find out who you are, what you're passionate about and take action right in your zip code.

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One 27 Global

Raising poverty awareness through community building events.

250 Jackson St. 4th Fl. (#421), Lowell, MA 01852

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